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Tend Coffee

In 2011, Tend Coffee started roasting certified organic coffee on Long Island, NY. The very meaning of Tend (v) is to look after, to care for. There are so many steps in the growing, harvesting and handling of great coffee. Our name conveys our commitment to doing our part with some of the rarest coffee on the planet; Certified Organic 100% Arabica Specialty Coffee. The FAO division of the United Nations stated: “Organic coffee is estimated to account for about 3 percent of the North American coffee market in volume…”. That includes all coffee not just the prized Arabica varietals that we use. If you take that into account it would be more like 2% of all coffee produced.

Click here for our Organic Certification from the USDA. If you are buying organic products check to make sure your suppliers are in the database. If they are not, they have not been Certified Organic. From the beginning we have only produced organic coffee. Our beans are always left natural. No flavoring agents, synthetic or otherwise have ever touched our beans. All our decafs are produced with the water method, never exposed to harsh chemicals. Trust but verify as the saying goes. We invite you to view our certification via the above link.

Our Work

The Cafes

The first thing you will notice when the crew begins crafting your order is that there are people actually making your drink. With all the multi-national companies going automated this in itself is rare. People, not robots is part of our core philosophy. We create opportunities in the communities where we operate. Because we are locally owned, our revenue also stays here in various forms including wages, school and other taxes etc.


At the center of the roastery is a USA made Loring Smart Roast coffee roaster. It is the best tool on the market for our Roast Masters to use when producing batch after batch of consistently great coffee. This space is also available for tastings and training.